Musculoskeletal Risk Management

Turner Industries Case study

Executive Summary

The Kinesics MSD Risk Program was implemented into the Turner Employee Wellness Program in 2017 to address the musculoskeletal health of its employees, an often forgotten component of health and wellness programs.

The proactive model of the Kinesics MSD Risk Program provided Turner Industries with baseline data that was used for therapy in the event of an injury, identified the muscle-joint segments that were most vulnerable for injury, and provided the employees with an Injury Prevention Program to address the vulnerabilities identified. 

The Target Population Report results showed the importance of collecting biomechanical data on employees for the identification of individual employee MSD risk, and to quantify risk in the overall group and subsets of employees.

The Target Population Report also identified trends in the population subsets. In other words, there were commonalities in the severe and moderate measurements among a specific employee group. Turner was able to designate the appropriate stretch equipment in their work area to support the group with their corrective programs.

Both low and high exertion Turner populations saw an increase in functional mobility and a decrease in severe measurements upon comparison of the initial evaluation and second evaluation period.

About Turner Industries

Turner Industries is an industrial contractor serving the petrochemical, chemical, refining, energy, power generation, pulp and paper, and related industries. 

Turner Industries’ employees build, maintain, and service the nation’s heavy industrial sector to help make modern life possible by supporting the companies that produce fuel, energy, and products that are essential to our daily existence. Founded in 1961, Turner has grown to support four divisions including Construction, Maintenance and Turnarounds, Fabrication, and Equipment and Specialty Services.

Turner Industries has built its reputation on safety, integrity, reliability, and project execution and has facilities in Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, and provides work to companies throughout the United States and abroad.

Employee Wellness Program at Turner Industries

The original 2016 launch of the Turner Employee Wellness Program consisted of a nurse navigator who conducted blood chemistry screenings, diet and lifestyle education, and regular support sessions. 

“The program was well received by our employees, everything was running smoothly,” states Mike Morain, Executive Vice President and the General Manager of the Equipment and Rigging Division. 

Turner’s CEO and a few Turner executives attended a local Kinesics Licensed Model Facility for their own health and wellness needs. Their experience led to the recognition that individualized musculoskeletal health is not addressed in traditional employee wellness programs.

Tuner Employee Wellness Program Implements the Kinesics Method

Turner launched the Kinesics MSD Risk Mitigation Program with a target population of 117 employees from the Equipment and Rigging Division located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A wide range of Turner employees were evaluated including office workers, mechanics, operators, truck drivers, riggers, body shop, draftsmen, engineers, and managers.

The Kinesics evaluations were serviced by a local wellness facility whose staff are Kinesics Licensed Providers. There were no up-front implementation costs. 

A Kinesics Licensed Provider met the group of employees prior to the evaluation date and explained the Kinesics method, process for evaluation, and strategies for making time to stretch during the day—which was supported by Turner.

Onsite Evaluation

The workforce evaluations were conducted on site at the Corporate Headquarters for the Equipment and Rigging Division. 

The Kinesics evaluation was incorporated into the regular workday. A 10 x 10 space was used to set up a portable table, where the measurements were collected. Employees remained in their work clothes and removed their shoes.

Each employee evaluation was conducted in approximately 20 minutes. The Individual Report was immediately generated in the app and a corrective program was developed to address the severe and moderate measurements. 

The results were reviewed and employees 

Employees received their results and were taught their program which included 3-5 activities. The programs are easy to perform on the job and throughout the day. 

All 117 initial evaluations were completed within 3 weeks time. 

Turner Industries supported its employee wellness initiative by purchasing stretching equipment such as slant boards, stretch straps, and foam rollers. On site areas were designated for stretching to allow employees the opportunity to execute their stretch programs throughout the day with a minimal time commitment. 

Assessments Track Progress

All 117 employees were re-assessed 4 months after the initial evaluation. Re-assessments averaged 18 measurements per employee and targeted the top severe restrictions identified in the initial evaluation. Corrective programs were adjusted when necessary and employee compliance was reviewed via the Kinesics App check-in feature.